Google’s subscription storage plans, now know as Google One, offer users a few bonus features to go along with paid cloud storage. The latest benefit to be added to the service is automatic phone backup.

But Android already backs up my device you say? Yes, it does, but with the new automatic device backup, more of your device will be safe. You can now back up original quality photos, videos, and multimedia messages (MMS) and control all of those backups from the cloud.

It’s unclear if the original quality photo backups are included in your storage total or if it is now free. To activate automatic device backup, simply open the Google One app and you’ll be greeted with the enrollment screen.

If you’re not already a Google One Subscriber you can sign up at with plans starting at $2.49 a month. Over the life of my Google One Subscription, I can most assuredly say I’ve recieved excellent value, and this just makes it that little bit better,

If you’ve always wanted deeper device back up, or access to original photo quality backups, at $2.49 per month that’s not a bad deal.

Source: Google.
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Tom Sekulic

A word of warning! I pay for my Google One subscription. While updating my apps yesterday, including Google One app, I was asked to re-sign into my Google account. I’ve never, ever seen this happen before! I noticed this as all apps relying on Google sync stopped syncing all of a sudden (like Calendar). After I logged on, my Google Avatar dissapeard and was replaced with a single letter – wierd (representing my first name). It wasn’t the end of it…. Inside Google One, I enabled photos backups. This *changed* Photo quality to *Original* that I had set in Google… Read more »