+ Friday December 6th, 2019

OPPO has announced that it will be one of the latest manufacturers to support Google’s new CameraX feature, during a keynote at Google Developer Days China 2019.

Google’s CameraX feature is a new Android Jetpack support library for camera app development, which enables developers to leverage the camera experiences and features from a device’s native camera app by simply applying as little as two lines of code.

OPPO has stated that CameraX will be supported by a range of OPPO devices, including OPPO Reno 10x Zoom and future Reno devices.

Michael Tran, Managing Director of OPPO Australia has said that:

“OPPO is always committed to creating better user experiences with innovative products for our global users. We are glad to partner with Google’s CameraX to empower developers, build a healthy and open ecosystem and explore more solutions in imaging technologies,”

“We look forward to continuing to drive the development of the most innovative apps in the era of intelligent connectivity and create a better life for our users around the world.”

OPPO demonstrated the new CameraX capabilities live during the keynote showing the difference between not having the CameraX feature and with then having the CameraX feature on one of its Reno 10X Zoom handsets which showcases a how the photo quality was boosted with the new feature on its devices.

Certainly we will be keeping out an eye for further developments and other Android manufacturers who may added this new feature as Cameras help sell devices this day and age as we ditch traditional cameras for our smartphone cameras.

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