Nothing warms the depths of my cold dead heart like more Google Pixel 4 leaks, and this morning – like every morning for the past month, it feels like – we’ve woken up to another series of leaked Pixel 4 photos.

In fact, someone has sent a huge gallery of photos in to The Verge, and besides being fun to look at, they confirm a number of the details we’ve previously seen leaked, including a 90Hz display, a starting 128GB of storage and more. Besides these confirmations, though, the new photos don’t really show or tell us anything new about the Pixel 4, but who cares.

The images I’m enjoying? The screenshots of various device information pages, showing 6GB of RAM, Snapdragon 855 processor, 128GB storage, and more. It’s got me thinking the Pixel 4 is going to be a decent phone, in a time when the gap between a good flagship and a bad one seems to be widening again.

This isn’t a bad thing, because we want to be wowed when a new phone is released, not falling asleep thinking “here we go again”.

First things first, here’s some new photos of the phone itself:

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Following this, there’s a pile of photos showing CPU statistics and benchmarks. As noted, there’s not a lot new in here, but they’re worth having a flick through anyway.

See if you can spot anything interesting:

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With the Google Pixel 4 now, there’s only a couple of things left to know, and I wonder if these will leak before the phone officially launches:

  • Model options and storage configurations
  • Pricing
  • Launch dates in Australia
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That top bezel is hideous, google is three years behind competition.


LOL! Because of a bezel. Lets just ignore all the hardware up there I suppose.

Philip Clark

One day we’ll reach the logical conclusion of a phone with no bezel, and people will finally realise how horrible that will actually be to use.