Huawei’s got an event scheduled at the back end of this week to launch a smartphone in Munich, but if you’re in Australia, you’d hardly know about it. The Huawei Mate 30 series is very definitely coming, but with strong suspicion that we mightn’t see it in Australia for a while (if at all), it’s little surprise things have been a little quiet on the promotional front.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s not big news elsewhere, and if a phone is coming to Evan Blass’ attention, chances are there’s someone interested somewhere. With that introduction, it’s time to share with you a pile of photos that @evleaks has shared on his Twitter this afternoon, starting with the new Mate 30 Pro:

Shown in these photos is the circular rear camera setup, the waterdrop/notch on the front display (which looks a little too wide for my tastes) and the waterfall edge design which certainly looks great, but might be slightly less great to actually use (if anyone recalls all the false edge touches when Samsung went down this path the first time).

That said, regardless of what’s inside, the Mate 30 Pro is lining up some gorgeous hardware. Paired with a brand-new Kirin 990 processor inside, a healthy dollop of RAM, good storage options and Huawei’s class-leading camera tech, the Mate 30 Pro promises an awful lot, and we’ll just have to wait and see how they deal with the question of Google Apps.

Alongside the Mate 30 Pro leaks, we’ve got some imagery of the Mate 30 (non-Pro) variant:

As you can see, there’s not a whole lot of physical differences here, except the front notch is a little narrower, and instead of a waterfall edge display, the Mate 30 has a more traditional flat front display with aluminium edging.

The Mate 30 Porsche Design also gets a run:

I was a little half-half on the Porsche Design model last year, and as it never came to Australia (nor could we really ever see one in the flesh) it really didn’t make a huge impression. However, having seen them around – Huawei Western Europe chief Walter Ji is using one, and it looks brilliant – the design has somewhat grown on me.

That was until I saw the images above for this year’s Mate 30 Porsche Design, and now I kind of want one a lot. No circular rear camera, but that leather strap on the rear to give your phone a built in kick-stand is just weird enough to be cool.

Last but not least is the Mate 30 Lite. Those who’ve been paying attention may realise this phone has already launched in some markets – known as the Huawei Nova 5i Pro – but here it is wearing its Huawei Mate 30 Lite clothing:


Thanks for the leaks Evan, and we look forward to meeting the Mate 30 series this Thursday night!

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The strap on the back is a cover. It’s not built in. I was expecting more attention from the author.

Tom Sekulic

I hate edge screens, including the one on my Samsung S8+. They make the phone look nice but are totally useless in practice. It also makes it very hard to find a screen protector and a case.
Huawei just made the Samsung screen look good in comparison.