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Goodbye Foxtel Now: Foxtel Go becomes the go-to mobile app for all Foxtel customers


Foxtel’s product strategy has seen some twists and turns over the year, with various spin-off streaming services, some which have lasted, and some which have disappeared.

Presto lasted a little while before fading out, and many were a little confused when Foxtel Now popped up alongside the existing Foxtel Go app.

Today, Foxel has announced that Foxtel Now customers will use the Foxtel Go app going forward, and the separate Foxtel Now app will be discontinued. This means that – regardless of how you subscribe to Foxtel – if you’re viewing on the go, you’ll be using Foxtel Go. Simple, right?

Well, sort of.

The two different apps offered different feature sets for different customers. For example, Foxtel Go had a few features that Foxtel Now didn’t offer, and – notably – Foxtel Now had the ability to cast content to Google Cast compatible devices, whereas Foxtel Go did not (or, at least, didn’t previously).

Going forward, all customers will share the same experience. Foxtel Chief Product and Strategy Officer Alice Mascia said:

“We have been investing in the Foxtel GO app to provide all our customers with the best of TV and on demand on their mobile device.

By focussing on one app, we will also add more value for Foxtel Now customers by providing access to popular features and support from Foxtel GO that were previously unavailable on the Foxtel Now app.

These features include a preview screen to watch show trailers, an expanded Kids homepage and support for Android 10 and iOS 13, providing them with an even better mobile experience.”

From 17 September, Foxtel Now customers will be prompted – in app – to move over to the Foxtel Go app. Customers will be able to watch online at watch.foxtel.com.au as before. It also means new customers – who are waiting for a satellite box to be sent out and/or installed – can start watching Foxtel almost straight away.

Going forward, Foxtel Go users (who have the service as part of their Foxtel cable / satellite service) will be able to cast Foxtel Go content to other screens, too. This will require a multi-casting pack, however, which costs an extra $15 a month (effectively the same concept as paying extra for multiroom content).

Foxtel Now customers (who do not have a cable / satellite box as part of that service) will continue to be able to cast content to compatible devices.

For most users, there should be no confusion in the changes going forward, but as always, if anything strikes you as unusual or doesn’t work the way you think it should, give Foxtel’s customer service a call on 13 19 99.



  1. Given Foxtel seems to have at least one outage a month in my area near the Sydney CBD, will they ever just allow Foxtel subscribers free multi room during these outages so we can cast?

  2. Yeah, I’m confused. Will there be a dedicated Foxtel Go App for Android TV? And what happens to my Telstra TV’s? It was stupid that they had separate apps to start with

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