Niantic’s Pokémon Go is one of the company’s three AR location-based games, but it’s the one that really put them on the map so it’s good to see they’re continuing to evolve it with new characters and features.

Today, they’ve announced the arrival of Pokémon from the Unova region as seen in the game’s 2010/2011 Nintendo DS outings Pokémon Black and White.

Obviously, new Pokémon mean there’s new incentive to get out there and catch ’em all. There’ll be new characters popping up in the wild, new varieties of Pokémon hatching from eggs, and new Pokémon to challenge in raids.

There’s also new regional exclusive Pokémon, as well as hemisphere-exclusives (East/West) and a couple of new shinies.

Finally, all that research you do in the game will pay off in the form of a Unova Stone that can be used to evolve certain Pokémon.

Changes are going live over the course of the day, so if the new ‘mons aren’t showing up just yet they won’t be far away.

Source: Pokemon Go Live.