Here’s every colour option for Huawei Mate 30 Pro and Mate 30

With just over 48 hours until the launch event for Huawei’s Mate 30 Pro, the leaks haven’t quite stopped just yet. There’s still plenty that’s unknown, but one thing we can cross off that list now is colour options for the new Mate 30 range.

We had leaked imagery last night – and quite a lot of it – thanks to Evan Blass, but now we’ve got the full range shown off, side by side. Better yet, we’ve even got Huawei’s colour names and, surprisingly, they’re a little less outlandish than usual.

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One thing that immediately stands out to me is the same colour range is available for both the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro – in the past there had been some colour differentiation between the mid-range model and the premium, but this year, it looks as if they’ll be the same. One gotcha, of course, is that not all colours will likely range in all markets, depending entirely on what local carriers and retailers want to stock.

For example, while black is usually a safe bet, the black Huawei P30 Pro didn’t launch in Australia – carriers and retailers opted for the colour options instead (which, let’s face it, were far more appealing than just black).

Regardless of what launches where, the Mate 30 series will come in the following colours:

  • Space Silver
  • Cosmic Purple
  • Black, and
  • Emerald Green

Sadly it doesn’t look like there’ll be any Breathing Crystal or Aurora colour options as there were with P30 Pro, but the Mate series has always been known for being a little more restrained in design and colour.

Tune in with us on Thursday night to see what’s coming!

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