Google Nest WiFi

With Google’s annual hardware event just a few weeks away we are seeing rumours today about a potential new device in the Google Nest product line-up. The rumoured device will be a mashup of a Google Nest smart speaker and a Google Wifi device, something many users have been asking for.

The new integrated Google Nest Wifi will apparently include an option of a main base station including the Assistant Speaker and two smaller satellite mesh WiFi repeaters. The main router will follow the more tradition Google Home styling and is rumoured to come in 3 different colours. The satellites will be smaller than the original Google Wifi and are intended to blend into their surrounding little more.

With Wi-Fi 6 now a real thing we truly hope that Google either launches with the new protocol (802.11 ax) or has put the correct hardware into the device to allow an update to Wi-Fi 6 in the future. Another concern for us with the smaller satellites is the LAN back haul that the original Google Wifi supported, if the new satellites are to minimalists they may not include the option LAN port for wired back haul, which is far superior to any Wi-Fi based back haul solution.

We’re also hearing the the Google Nest Wifi may be getting new software features and integrations with Google Assistant. A glaring omission in the original Google Wifi capabilities was the ability to pause internet access for specific devices or family members. The new Nest Wifi will; now bring these features to both the app and an integration with Google Assistant.

For those worried about cross version compatibility don’t be, the original Google Wifi hardware will be compatible with the new Google Nest Wifi if the rumours are true. What other hardware are you hoping to see out of the Made by Google event next month?

Source: 9to5Google.