When we first heard about the existence of a coral-coloured Google Pixel 4 we were sceptical. Google has not made such a strikingly coloured phone since the Nexus 5 days, instead opting for more subtle colours. Since then though we have seen multiple leaks, including late prototypes/samples that were sold in retail stores and today an official Google billboard in Times Square in New York City has shown the coral Pixel 4 to the world.

The image was first captured by Redditor LousyTX and followed up by a closeup by NVRLand shows the billboard asking Google to set a reminder for October 15, the official announcement day of the Pixel 4 at the Made By Google event. Located on the Marriott Marquis the billboard shows just how bold and vibrant the coral Pixel 4 will be with black sides.

There aren’t too many advertising venues that are more iconic than Time Square in New York so it is good to see Google, before the phone is even announced, showing their upcoming flagship to the world in such a location — just as OnePlus did for the OnePlus 7 in May. Hopefully it translates into sales and a lot more advertising after the release of the phone itself.

The Google Pixel 4 is set to be a big step up in hardware innovation for Google with them not only introducing their Soli sensors to the world but also it will mark the first time that Google will have anything other than a single rear camera lens on their phone. Considering how good their imagery has been with single lenses it is exciting to think what they may be capable of with a triple lens rear camera.

Sit tight for another four weeks until the Pixel 4 is announce but you can be sure this will not be the last we are hearing of it before its official announcement on October 15 (EDT).

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