With Google shuttering Google Trips and rolling it into a random part of Maps a lot of folks are looking to other easier to use solutions to track their travels. TripIt is one such all-encompassing solution which they are continuing to improve and today they have released a new update for it.

The new update brings with it some great new features including a dark theme, new rich notifications, a new feature called Neighbourhood Safety Scores and smart lock compatibility. These new features offer greater customisation for the user to be able to use the app how they want.

Dark Theme

Android 10 brought with it a system-wide dark theme, switchable from within the settings of the phone. TripIt are now the latest app to jump on board the dark theme band wagon with their app now ready for Android 10. The changes will be especially useful for TripIt with dark mode enabling users to quickly check their flight details etc in the middle of the night without the bright light of the phone interrupting their sleep.

The new dark mode can be accessed by users running Android 10 by heading into Settings > Display > Dark Theme and toggling it on.

Rich Notifications

The new update for TripIt brings with it richer notifications to give you more information with a simple glance. Details such as flight details can now be seen directly from the notification shade. Those users who subscribe to the TripIt Pro experience will also be able to check in to a flight from an alert or even tap to call their travel agency.

Neighbourhood Safety Scores—from day to night

Sometimes when you are in a different city it is easy to stray into areas which are relatively unsafe (either deliberately or not — eg. my fiancee wanted to visit Compton/South Central while in the US). TripIt have expanded their neighbourhood safety scores to rate neighbourhoods both with a daytime score and a night time score.

This rating can be used to plan your trips and can be found in your accommodation, restaurant and activity plans.

Smart Lock

TripIt are improving their Google integration with the new compatibility with Android smart lock. This will make it easier to sign into your TripIt app no matter what device you are on and allows the app to be safely unlocked for extended periods of time.

The Pro version

The pro version includes flight status alerts, check in reminders, alternate flights with open seats, a seat tracker to let you know when the seat you want becomes available, a point tracker to track your rewards points in one spot, flight refund monitoring (lets you know when you are eligible for a refund), and the ability to easily share your itinerary with your inner circle.

The pro version is available for a 30-day free trial and for USD$49 for an annual subscription after that trial expires.

While TripIt may not be for everyone it is another app to help you in your travels and given its popularity there are a lot of people who like it. With these new additions it shows that they are constantly looking to improve their app and the user experience. There is a free version and a pro version of which there is a free trial for. If you are about to head off on a trip why not give the app a go and see what you think.