+ Thursday January 30th, 2020

For a limited time (unil 22/09/19) you can buy a 1 year new subscription or renewal for Office 365 Home from the Bing Lee eBay website for $76.80 using the eBay discount code P20BLEE, saving $52.20 compared tothe Microsoft direct price $129 .

The buying process is pretty easy, I just did it myself and it takes less than 2 minutes. The subscription code gets emailed to you and you can apply it to your existing subscription to extend the expiry date by 1 year. If you havent used Office 365 before you can setup a new Office 365 account.

Quite a few of us in the Ausdroid team use Office 365 at work and at home.

Office 365 Home is a licence to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook (plus Publisher and Access for PC only)

An Office 365 Home subscription lets you legally share it with your entire family up to 6 people for them to use on multiple PCs/Macs, tablets, and phones (including Windows, iOS, and Android*), up to 5 devices per person.

It also includes 1TB OneDrive cloud storage per person using the licence (so upto 6TB storage for the family in total).

If you use Skype and have family or friends overseas, note that each person can also use up to 60 minutes per month of Skype calling to mobile phones and landlines in selected countries.

Source: ozbargain.

Neerav Bhatt   Associate


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Tibb So
Ausdroid Reader
Tibb So

Nobody except tragic Westfield/Harvey Norman addicts ever pay full price for Office 365. $76 is only about $10 to $15 off the widely available price for this and it can regularly be had for about $75


Great! I just renewed my subscription, but planning to get this on the cheap.

Is there a expiry date when you received the code (as in by when do I need to activate it)?

Michael Delpach
Ausdroid Reader

How exactly do you extend the Office 365 with this newly paid licence through Bing Lee? Thanks!

Voucher was in my spam! 🙂

Ausdroid Reader

That is a great offer. I was about to head to Officeworks to purchase my renewal. How long did it take for the license key to be emailed to you?

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