Looking for something to spice up your TV? ALDI has a Soundbar with Extra Bass for $129

ALDI is well known for specials on big screen TVs, and they’ve got one on sale this weekend for just $599, but what if you’ve already got a big TV and want something to add a bit of flair?

Well, a soundbar is probably the easiest way to do that. Move from using your TV’s built-in speakers and add in an external one for an extra kick. ALDI has such a soundbar on sale this weekend for just $129, with many of the features you’d find in a more expensive model.

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Featuring twin 20W speakers with adjustable treble and bass, this soundbar connects to your TV using the HDMI ARC standard, meaning it should power on and off with your TV, and adjust its volume based on the TV controls. Of course, if your TV doesn’t support these features, it comes with its own remote, too.

In addition, it’ll take Bluetooth audio in, as well as coaxial and 3.5mm inputs. With a timeless steel grill housing, ALDI’s soundbar is designed for table-top or wall-mounted use.

At $129, it’s a cheap way to add some extra depth to your TV viewing experience. Let us know if you’ll be heading to your local ALDI to grab one.

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