The date for the Google Pixel 4 is sneaking up on us quickly with under four weeks until the October 15 announcement now. We have seen pretty much everything leaked about the phones including the colours which were black, white and what everyone has been calling coral.

9to5Google have been told by two sources exactly what the colours will be called. Google seem to have a tongue in cheek shot at other manufacturers when naming the colours of their phones in the past with less fancy descriptors than some manufacturers which use names such as Midnight Blue, Extreme Night Black, Fog Sea Green, Mist Powder, Breathing Crystal, Aurora, Nebula Purple, Crown Silver, Majestic Black, and Royal Gold colours (phew). Last year Google’s colours of their Pixel 3 phones were Just Black, Clearly White, and Not Pink.

Google on the other hand call a spade a spade and call it how it is. Their upcoming black Pixel 4 is that and nothing more — that’s right, its Just Black. Their white colour does not have any fancy shimmerings or shade to it and to state the obvious it is Clearly White. The coral or orange colour is not just a little bit orange but when you look at it the orange is very striking. So is it orange? It definitely is, and not a little bit: it is Oh So Orange.

The 9to5Google sources have also stated that this year the cases will be available in Blue, Chalk, Black and Orange (no fancy names here). The Google cases are never cheap but they are great quality and of course fit and work well with all the Pixel hardware and software.

I like the way Google name their colour SKUs for their Pixel phones — it makes it much harder to remember and to describe to people. Aside from these colours the phones are expected to come with a Snapdragon 855, triple rear camera, Soli sensors, stereo speakers and or course Android 10.

Of course there is a lot more about the Pixel 4 that we should be excited about and come October 15 we will know everything — stay tuned to Ausdroid for that as we continue our Google device coverage.

Source: 9to5Google.
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“Triple rear camera”

You sure about that?