Update: As of 23 September, the issue has been resolved by Google with software engineers releasing an update to the Google Home app which resolves the issue.

We’ve seen on multiple devices in the past 24 hours that users have been unable to set up new partner home control devices via the Google Home App.

What does that mean? If you’re trying to pair a new device to your system, say a light bulb, the Google Home app is timing out when you try and open the add new device tab for some users.

When you want to pair a new device to your Google Home ecosystem you open the Home app, navigate to settings, tap on ‘Set up or add’, tap on ‘set up device’ and choose between adding a new Google device or adding a partner device.

For some users when you tap the ‘Works with Google’ option the app will briefly show you the home control UI page without any services to pair/ manage and then time out and crash to the previous page.

We are experiencing the issue on roughly half of our devices across our staff. It does not seem linked to an account as some of the Ausdroid team can see the expected UI on some devices and not others.

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed that there is a new service listed as ‘Assistant’ this seems new to us and we wonder if it’s adding this new service to the list that may be causing what appears to be a server side issue?

Are you having the same issue? Reach out and let us know.

We have reached out to Google to let them know we’ve found the issue and see if they are aware of / working on a fix.

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As an aside but possibly related event, you can now add Sonos speakers that aren’t assistant enabled (e.g play:3). I added last night and it works quite well.

They’ve also added Vera onto the list. Must have been a bit of a mass onboarding of new services…

I had trouble adding a JBL Link bar to my home yesterday. The initial setup happened via bluetooth of all things… but the device didn’t get added to my home, and I couldn’t assign it to a room. I finally found it listed under that new assistant category and was able to add it to a home and a room late last night, but it was a frustrating experience.

I was able to set up a JBL Link view with no problems only 20mins before.

It was different to any other android TV I’ve set up. It told me to use my phone to set it up (like an assistant speaker), but wasn’t visible in the home app – it was only that I noticed the bluetooth light on the link bar flashing that I attempted pairing it with my phone – then it asked me what Wifi Network I wanted to use, and did a weird google account download thing (almost like when you set up a new phone). I’m still not sure if that’s the way you are supposed to set it up,… Read more »

Yea, happened to me yesterday – but this morning when I tried again it’s all good