We’re not alone in asking Google to finish one of their Music apps. Since Google has made no secret of the fact that YouTube Music will become its number one music app, it makes sense that new features will come to YouTube Music first, and may not even come to Google Play Music anymore.

The latest new feature? Some users are now seeing “The Discover Mix” which is an interesting mix of music that doesn’t really fit any of the usual algorithms. What I mean by this is that there isn’t any obvious correlation between The Discover Mix and your usual listening habits. It seems to be a simple mix of newly released music that will play for you regardless of your normal listening genre.

The function comes in line with other streaming competitors who allow users to continually discover new artists and music through similar functions.

As with other playback features, you can add tracks to your library or playlists relatively easily. The bad news is that its another progressive rollout feature that we’re yet to see on any accounts, so stay tuned.

If you’ve got the new mix features on your account, share your experience on the update with us.

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I have yet to see a single reason to think that YouTube Music will have any advantage over Play Music.


I considered Spotify but really missed the ability to cloud sync my ripped CDs so my wife and I switched to Apple Music. With Chromecast support coming soon it clears up the one main annoyance I had with the app (we have a mix of iPads and android phones so airplay is not a reliable option). As far as music library and playlists go I don’t think I’ll ever look back, Google’s music strategy like most of their other apps (chat?) is a mess, YT music is not there yet and I don’t trust they are ever going to get… Read more »


I moved to Spotify, problem solved. Google has completely lost the plot with their music strategy.

Chris Rowland

It’s a move lots of people make. Spotify makes a lot of sense. It offers virtually all of what Google Play music offers .. except YouTube premium, which I like as I listen to a lot of live stuff on YT Music.

Sadly nothing offers the perfect fit, but I found myself enjoying Spotify – and it’s native apps in particular – a lot more than Google Play Music which frankly feels a little forgotten.


Excellent, now I can listen to music I don’t really like while I wait for them to finally import my Play Music playlists… 😑