Nubia, the ZTE-adjunct company whose phones don’t usually come to Australia, has revealed a neat new device. The V20 aims to kill the notch by removing the need for it.

The big taking point is the 5.1-inch display on the rear of the device, so you can turn it around and use the rear camera for video calling and selfies while still being able to see the screen.

The Z20 thus packs no front-facing camera and features a completely bezel-less 6.4-inch screen on the front.

The rear screen can be set up to display an image when it’s not in use, or you can run an app on it.

Internally the phone’s no slouch, either – it’s running a Snapdragon 855+ processor and can be configured up to 8GB of memory and 128GB of storage.

There’s also a now-familiar triple camera adoring the back of the phone bringing night mode shooting and optical image stabilisation.

Nubia has the V20 listed in their website and sent us PR announcing “global”availability, although there’s no price listed yet. There’s two varieties of the Z20, for North America and Europe, which makes us question how global “global” is, but let’s go with it.

It’s been a while since we’ve had to look closely at LTE band support, but it looks like the North American version of the phone is best suited to our networks, with B28 (4GX/Plus) support lacking on the European model.

We’ve reached out to Nubia’s PR folks to see if we were mistaken for an Austrian Android website, or if they’ll actually launch (or at least ship) the Z20 to Australia, and will update when we know more.