When Google announced Android 10 they shared some screenshots of various apps running their respective dark theme — one of them was Gmail although that wasn’t available to users, until now. Google have announced via their blog the roll out of Gmail dark theme.

The new update will begin rolling out from today to users on Android 10 and its the same as all other Android 10 devices to get it running — simply enable dark theme in the system settings. The dark theme can also be enabled within the respective Gmail app settings. The new theme will respect the system-wide setting of the theme and enable as required.

The theme will not only switch over to dark theme when the system settings are set to dark mode but also on Pixel phones when Battery Saver is enabled.

The rollout begins its extended rollout (“potentially longer than 15 days for feature visibility”) today and will be available to all G Suite editions as well. If you are impatient and want to test it out sooner rather than later Android Police have a link to it over at APK Mirror — you will require v2019.08.18.267 of Gmail to get dark theme within the app.

We do not have it officially just yet so let us know when you do get it and your thoughts on it below. Do you like the whole dark theme that Google is doing or do you still prefer a lighter theme on your phone?

Source: Google Blog.
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Will it eventually roll out to phones that wont get the Android 10 update ?