The next Pixel phone and new Nest Mini aren’t the only things we’re expecting to see Google launch next month, with rumours suggesting that we’ll also see a new Pixelbook launched alongside.

9to5Google has the exclusive, with their tipster confirming that the new Chromebook/Pixelbook device we’ve seen in pictures throughout the year in indeed the new Chrome OS device. It’s called “Pixelbook Go” – perhaps a sign that Google’s set its sights on Microsoft this time instead of Apple.

The Pixelbook Go is said to be coming in multiple hardware configurations, mainly offering you a choice of processor, RAM and screen type (but not size). Processor and RAM options aren’t really new or exciting, but the display options might be: it’ll always be a 13.3-inch touchscreen, but you’ll be able to choose Full HD or 4K resolution (depending how much grunt you select elsewhere, you’d imagine).

It also looks like this Pixelbook isn’t interested in being anything other than a laptop either, taking a pass on 2-in-1 form factors, detachable keyboards and the like.

Codenamed “atlas”, benchmark test results have been spotted on Geekbench going back some time. This is from July:

13.3-inch laptops are generally considered pretty portable already, but the body of the Pixelbook Go is said to be made of magnesium alloy to aid its lightweight nature, and have a tactile surface on the bottom to make it easier to grip and carry (and probably less likely to move around a desk).

Google traditionally doesn’t launch Pixelbook devices in Australia, but with a renewed assault on the local market from the company’s Chromebooks we’re hoping that might change. Time will tell.

We’re still a little out from the October Made By Google event, so we expect to see some additional details come to light in the next few weeks.

Source: 9to5Google.