In recent years Google have made a strong commitment to increasing brand awareness for their Pixel line of phones. This year it seems that their tagline will be #SwitchtoPixel according to what is the first offering of what should be a concentrated campaign.

Google have today posted a video to their YouTube account with the hashtag #SwitchtoPixel and titled Shoot Like a Pro. In the video which Google openly states is a “real person paid for their opinion” the user says they were scared to switch to a Pixel but once they used the camera they were sold on it.

Of course there are no pictures of a new Pixel in the video, instead a picture of a Pixel 3 at the end. We wonder if Google will replace the image at the end once the Pixel 4 is released but only time will tell on that one.

Although last year’s camera was deemed about the same as the previous Pixel by DxOMark (which we wonder just how representative they are anymore after some sketchy results as of late) we can say after using both there most definitely was an improvement. We expect the improvement to be even more pronounced this year with the increase in number of lenses in the rear camera setup.

The countdown is on. Watch out for Google to ramp up their advertising in the next couple of weeks before the Made By Google event on October 16 (Aussie time).