Smart Displays is something Google has focused on in recent times and for most who have one it’s a great way to look at pictures of times gone past. Now you can easily control the images it shows from within the Google Photos app on your phone as well as within the Google Home app.

A user on Reddit has discovered a new setting within the menu his Google Photos app, just above device folders. This setting, funnily enough, is called Photo frames with a new tag next to it. Tapping on it takes you to a screen where the setting shows you the smart displays you have connected to your network. Here you can select the display you want to send images to followed by pushing the images you want to your display.

At this stage details are sketchy considering you can already do this within the Google Home app — it is possible that Google is allowing a much more granular control of the images displayed from within the Photos app but until we get it on our phones it remains unclear.

We presume it is a server side switch that Google need to turn on for us to use it as we have not seen it on our devices just yet. Hopefully it arrives soon and we can see what exactly is different about it — or maybe it is the same and Google are just being Google and have the same option menus in multiple places again.

Source: Reddit.
Via: 9to5Google.