When Google initially launched the Pixel Buds wireless earbuds in 2017 it could be argued that they had already missed the fully wireless trend then. According to rumours today Google may be preparing to release a successor to those at this month’s Made by Google event.

According the ‘sources’ Google is planning on releasing them on stage at the event. What’s not clear is if Google will move with the trends and release the Pixel Buds as a Google Assistant-enabled set of fully wireless earbuds? The original Pixel Buds were never well-received so perhaps Google has learnt their lesson and cut the cord.

If Google does release a new set of Bluetooth enabled earbuds we hope they have paid attention to the state of the market. Bluetooth 5 at this stage is table stakes for high end ear buds to reduce battery drain and enable individual connection to each earbud — this let’s the user choose either ear or both for playback. Charging over USB-C, decent battery life and of course recharging in the carrying case are all essential for Google to have any sort of success.

With so many big name players in the market with their own fully wireless offerings with even more set to hit the market this month Google’s going to have some strong competition so let’s hope they come to the party with a compelling package.

Source: 9to5Google.