We firmly live in a multi screen productivity world. Visit any corporate office and you’ll see an array of single, double, triple and beyond displays set up depending on the users work requirements (or maybe their prestige in the organisation). Even some of us at Ausdroid who’ve held out for years are conceding that single display life might just not be as productive.

Extra mobile screens can be expensive, heavy and not always convenient, but some of us carry a second screen in the form of a tablet, or even a commonly giant-sized mobile device. “If only you could use that device as an extra screen!” I hear you exclaim! Enter Duet Display.

Formerly exclusive to iOS, Duet has now launched on Android and allows you to use your Android, Chrome OS or iOS device as an additional monitor.

The app is currently AU $15.99 an introductory offer (RRP AU $32.99). That might feel expensive, but considering a decent secondary display starts in the hundreds of dollars it actually represents some great value.

You can connect the app to your PC or Mac via either USB or WiFi and from that point acts as an additional display, just as if it was a native display. I’ve got it configured as a 4th monitor running of my PC with no issues over WiFi.

There does seem to be some device teething issues according to comments in the Play Store, and our experience setting up Duet over USB wasn’t quite straightforward. We’re sure the team behind Duet Display will ironing out these user issues, we’ve reached out to the support team and hopefully will get our USB connectivity issues fixed.

[Update] We’ve heard back from the team at Duet Display, for now they are not supporting USB connections between Android and Windows devices. This is unfortunately a significant issue if you wanted to use Duet ‘on the road’. Without a common wireless network the service will not work between your Windows and Android devices.

If you’ve been reading this and are ready to jump on board – wrinkles or not – head over to the Play store and grab the app. That introductory price won’t stay around forever.

Duet Display
Duet Display
Developer: Duet, Inc.
Price: $9.99+
Source: 9to5Google.