+ Friday January 24th, 2020

In 2019, and after years of personal data breaches from major organisations we’re all a little more aware and cautious about handing our information over in exchange for particular services. Tech companies are meeting consumers in the middle, being more open and communicative about the data they store as well as how, why and where they store it.

Google’s been updating some of its privacy controls for users’ data this year, and today has announced a couple of new watt you can have more control over your data.

YouTube History

The company added the ability to automatically delete location history data earlier in the year.

It’s now rolling out a similar control to your YouTube History, so it’ll cycle out after 3 months, 18 months or whenever you tell it to delete (ie, never if you don’t tell it to).

Assistant History

A voice assistant is only as good as the things it can do when asked, and Google Assistant is now perhaps a little more trustworthy than your own human assistant.

If you’ve asked the Google Assistant to look up the profiles of Eiffel 65’s members, we think that’s ok. But if you’re embarrassed by it, you can tell the Assistant to forget what you said and it’ll do it – unlike your human assistant who’ll forever judge your taste in music.

Google’s examples are “Forget the last thing I said to you” and “forget everything I said last week”. It’ll also delete judgement.

Incognito Maps

Finally, Google’s also bringing Incognito mode to Maps. This was announced a little while ago but it seems they’re finally ready to roll it out.

You can enter Incognito mode with a tap on the top-right profile icon, and exit the same way.

In incognito mode, Maps won’t save your search history and it won’t be used to personalise your experience.

Jason Murray   Deputy Editor

Jason Murray

Before discovering the Nexus One, Jason thought he didn't need a smartphone. Now he can't bear to be without his Android phone. Jason hails from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane depending on his mood and how detailed a history you'd like. A web developer by day with an interest in consumer gadgets and electronics, he also enjoys reading comics and has a worryingly large collection of Transformers figures. He'd like to think he's a gamer, but his Wii has been in a box since he moved to Sydney, and his PlayStation Vita collection is quite lacking. Most mornings you'll find him tilting at various windmills on Twitter - follow @JM77 and say hi!

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