It’s been a busy day for Microsoft unveiling a new slew of Windows Surface devices, an Android phone, a dual screen display optimised version of Windows and a few accessories to boot.

Amongst those accessories is Microsoft’s entrant into the truly wireless earbuds category, the very Microsoft named Surface Earbuds. Just like all the other entrants into this increasingly crowded space the Surface Earbuds feature fully wireless design, a charging battery case and voice assistant integration.

Now there’s no shying away from the industrial design, the new Surface Earbuds are reminiscent of the large plastic discs people have implanted into their ears.

Microsoft is heavily focusing on gesture control for the Surface Earbuds and this is likely why they needed such a large touch pad on both ears. Having used other “gesture controlled” devices before I know you need enough space for the gestures to be recognised properly.

Each earbud lasts for 8 hours with up to 24 hours charge in the carrying case and includes USB C for charging. There’s no indication if they are Bluetooth 5.90 at this stage or if they support pairing to individual earbuds. They do however support one tap pairing apparently on both Windows and Android which is always nice ion the messy world that is Bluetooth.

The Earbuds also have deep integration into Windows and Office products including the ability to do things like dictate notes on the go, control PowerPoint presentations from your ears. The Surface Earbuds will be coming to Australia with pricing and pre-order details to be announced soon, when they do arrive they will likely retail for around $380 AUD.

Source: Microsoft.