Apparently there is a new phone coming out, the Google Pixel 4. In case you’ve been camping int he wild every single thing about this phone is seeemingly already known due to the sheer volume of leaks that are arriving every single day at the moment.

XDA have torn apart the Pixel Tips app coming on the Pixel 4 and found some interesting information pertaining to the camera and Google One. XDA found that those in supported regions will be able to schedule a “Pro Session” through the Google One app to help you get started with the device.

Within the camera app they found that there will be a new feature called Social Share where you will be able to share pictures directly from the camera app with the screenshot obtained showing direct sharing to Messages, Snapchat and Instagram. We assume that this is based on which apps you use most commonly.

Other camera tips include details on how to use the phone for astrophotography, how to use dual exposure controls and mentions “up to 8x zoom”. One tip mentions that a tripod will be required to capture an astrophotography — not surprising given the exposure time required for such a photo.

The use of the two slider controls in dual exposure is also detailed in the screenshots you can see below along with quick capture for videos.

Other Pixel 4 features detailed in the Pixel Tips app include Live Caption, car crash detection, Google podcasts pre-installation and the new recorder app — all of which we have seen leak before.

XDA have also made a video walkthrough of the entire app if you are interested in seeing what will be announced on October 16 (AU time). Until then keep watching for the multitude of leaks which are slowly dripfeeding us.

Source: XDA Developers.