There is surely nothing left to know about the Pixel 4 from a design and hardware point of view (and possibly from a software point of view too) but when a new render pops up why not share?

We have seen renders from the back, front and sides but nothing in between — although we have seen the actual device in many hands by now. Tonight a few random renders have appeared courtesy of Max Weinbach on Twitter. The new renders show the phone from different angles along with what is a fairly sexy all-new dark Google Assistant interface.

Keep an eye out for more Pixel 4 information coming up because you can be sure there will be more. These new renders have sold at least one sceptical Ausdroider on the Pixel 4 already — who says you need to have a super shiny weird looking fingerprint magnet colour for a phone to look attractive? No one told Google that and thank goodness.

What do you think? Or are you over all of these Pixel 4 leaks?

Source: Max Weinback Twitter.
Via: Android Police.