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While some NBN providers lock you into contracts, many don’t, and given how easy it is to change between NBN providers, you can always keep an eye out for a great deal. Perhaps you’re not getting the speed you want from your provider. Maybe you’re looking to save some money? Could it be that there’s not enough data included?

Whatever your reason, finding a better deal for you – faster, more data, or more affordable – couldn’t be easier. We’ve wrapped up some of the best NBN plans on offer for you below.

Best-value NBN Standard Plus (50Mbps) plans

We’ve looked at plans for the average household that enjoys some streaming content, gaming and more, and so here’s a wrap of the best value plans at Standard Plus (50Mbps) speeds that include at least 500GB of data at full speed.

Topping the list is Tangerine, offering unlimited data and no contracts starting at just $59.90 per month for the first six months, reverting to $69.90 after that. Of course, you can stay after six months if you’re enjoying the service, or move somewhere else afterwards!

For the best value plan with no discounts (i.e. the price you pay in month one is the price you pay ongoing, with no six-month jump), check out SpinTel’s NBN Unlimited Plus plan – $64.95 a month gets you unlimited data with a typical evening speed of 40Mbps. Note, this isn’t the fastest evening speed available – Kogan, Vodafone, Superloop and Internode all offer evening speeds closer to 45Mbps, but it’s not a huge difference.

If you’re paying more than $69.99 a month for unlimited NBN 50 plans, though, chances are you could be paying a bit too much!

Best-value NBN Premium (100Mbps plans)

If blazing fast speed is what you’re after, there’s nothing beating NBN Premium (100Mbps) plans – unless you’re in one of the luck areas that can get up to 250Mbps NBN plans from select providers. For most of us, though, 100Mbps is the limit, and there’s some strong competition for your Internet dollars, too.

There’s lots of up-front discounting here to get you on board. Vodafone offers $20 off plan fees for the first six months at the moment, making their unlimited 100Mbps plan great value at $69 a month for the first six months. Kogan’s offer at $75.90 isn’t bad value either, but the same rider applies – after six months, it jumps to $85.90 a month.

Tangerine’s XXL Speed Boost Unlimited plan isn’t quite so competitive as its 50Mbps plans, offering a slightly higher price for the first six months before reverting to $89.90 a month. With typical evening speeds slightly slower than Vodafone and Kogan, it might not be worth it here.

For speed demons, though, Superloop’s 500GB plan offers typical evening speeds of 90Mbps at $79.95 a month without discounting, but be careful of that data limit. Add $10 a month for unlimited data here.

What to look for in a good value plan this month?

While there are lots of comparison points in NBN plans, most customers typically look for the best price, best speed or best inclusions or a combination of these.

There’s an increasing trend to ditching contracts, which makes the six-month discount plans a great opportunity to try a new provider and enjoy some lower costs. At the end of six months, you can stay put, or try a new provider with nothing really to lose.

Another thing to consider is reliability – NBN faults are an infrequent but annoying problem – and if you must have always-on internet, check out some of the plans from the major telcos. Vodafone and Telstra both offer NBN services with 4G fallback when the NBN is offline. However, you will (on average) pay a little extra for this convenience.

Best value high-speed plans are a close tie between Superloop and Vodafone in October – both offer great evening speeds, and while Superloop is a little more expensive (and faster) at a flat $89.95 a month, Vodafone offers a great option – 85Mbps typical evening speeds, $69 a month for the first six months and $89 for the rest, making a total one-year cost of just $948.

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