Last year the Pixel 3 was priced fairly high, right at the pointy end of the smartphone market. This year, inflation happens and with the world economy doing strange things thanks to a certain “trade war” the Pixel 4 is set for another price hike.i

Friend of Ausdroid and leaker extraordinaire, Evan Blass, has overnight Tweeted out pricing for the Pixel 4 in Canada and it is as was expected. Compared with the pricing of last year’s Pixel 3 the Pixel 4 comes in slightly more expensive: The 64GB Pixel 4 is $50CAD more expensive, the 128GB $70CAD more, the Pixel 4 XL 64GB also $70CAD more and the Pixel 4 XL 128GB $100CAD more.

What does this mean for Australians? Last year our Pixel 3 SKUs were $1,199AUD and $1,349AUD while the XL SKUs were $1,349 and $1,499AUD and compared with the original Canadian pricing we were the direct conversion plus $100AUD for all models (although I have made those calculations on todays exchange rate — not what it was last year at this time which was 1:1.09 — so about the same).

So Australians should expect to pay approximately:

  • Pixel 4 64GB — $1,250AUD
  • Pixel 4 128GB — $1,429AUD
  • Pixel 4 XL 64GB — $1,429AUD
  • Pixel 4 XL 128GB — $1,600AUD

Before you get angry at the pricing of this compare it to the best iPhone available with similar specs — the iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB is $1,899!!! Makes the Pixel 4 XL 64GB not look so bad doesn’t it?

What do you think? Would you consider a Pixel 4 at this pricing? Let’s face it, this is what a top end flagship will set you back these days.

Source: Evan Blass Twitter.
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Shane Arnold

Yeah nah. I can’t justify that price for a 128GB phone. I have a samsung note 8 and im thinking of just picking up a Pixel 3 new and hang out for something in a year


I’ll be waiting for the inevitable promo pricing like I did with my current pixel 3. I can wait till Jan/Feb next year.


At those prices I would recommend an iPhone every time.


Laughably overpriced, and getting worse.

No phone is worth over $1000, and I’d contend that the market is at the $500 level. Why would people pay more? What are they going to get other than go faster stripes? Everything the normal person wants from a phone is doable under $500 and that is where google need to concentrate if they are going to breath life into the moribund market.


Stock android with fast security updates will always cost a premium.


Let me get this straight , vanilla software on vanilla hardware is always going to cost more ?
The commodore executive of the phone world is always going to cost more than a Cadillac 😁..
Ok , if you say so 😂.


Too little storage and too little ram for those prices.


Didn’t Google come to some realization last year that the reason the Pixel 3 didn’t sell so well was because of the price. So now they intend to sell a more expensive phone.
Wouldn’t Google’s algorithm’s tell them that this is a stupid idea??


Given Google’s usual minimalist approach to hardware , it does seem a bit over priced .
looking at that 4XL price , for another $ 99.00 dollars i can get 256 gb Galaxy note 10+ with 12 gb ram .
for me the hand gestures on the the pixel , i couldn’t give a rat’s arse about , and from what i have seen the 90 hz display I’m not fussed about.
Even though I’m disappointed Sammy deleted the headphone jack , imo it still looks the goods to me.


Most people buy phones on plans, not outright, so the outright prices are mostly irrelevant for the millions who will end up buying this phone. The outright prices are just to suck up sales from ‘enthusiasts’ who are going to buy the phone anyway, regardless of what it’s priced. Is it expensive? Yeah sure. It’s a high-end flagship device that is competing with the iPhone 11 Pro. If they had the phone outright at <$1000 AUD, the public would automatically think the device is inferior to the iPhone 11 Pro in someway. Whether it is or isn't is besides the… Read more »

Jacob Brown

Where does everyone buy their OnePlus phones? Anywhere that has a reliable warranty??

Haris Shaikh

I have bought the oneplus one,3t,5 and 6. All from US store with mail forwarder. Never had any issues. Those phones are rock solid. im waiting on the one plus 7t pro mclaren edition and will do the same.

I was a google fan until they got rid of nexus and decided to overprice the nexus phones as pixel phones.

Oneplus is new nexus for me.

Jacob Brown

Thanks, how do you use mail forwarders??

Jacob Brown

Thanks heaps!


Amen brother.


Too expensive.
Need to drop prices and increase battery size. Not competitive with other androids coming with mainly 3 yr updates as main drawcard.
If pixel wants to become the go to standard for Android then either give bigger specs or give 5 yr updates to compete with iphone. Camera alone won’t be enough with almost all smartphone cameras much improved.


So wouldn’t buy a pixel because of low onboard storage, no micro SD and headphone jack which is pretty lame because those are things that were relevant years ago. These days, 32gb is all I need because of cloud storage, same goes for micro SD. The headphone jack I thought I would be against but actually hasn’t been a issue in the year I’ve had the pixel 3. As far the price I’m not too shocked. The iPhone 11 pro max 512gb of crazyness is $2500.00.

Nik Naks

Pricing doesn’t make sense even when compared to the competition. I get flagships are more expensive theses days but apple is apple the brand just stands for itself when it comes to phones and then you factor in their eco-system. Yes the top tier apple phone cost more than 1800 but conversely the 11 has to be part of the conversation as it’s an increasingly compelling phone that starts at $1199 and offers most of features compared to that of it more expensive brethren. Their software upgrade history is challenged by none. Then there is Samsung.. if you shop around… Read more »

Jeni Skunk

Even if I was being paid to take a Pixel phone I’d refuse. Not enough on board storage, no microSD support, and no headphone socket. So there’s no way I’d pay even a brass razoo to buy a Pixel phone.


Such a positive outlook on life.

Jeni Skunk

Interesting that my comment gets voted down, merely my being Honest. The ordinary media loadout on my cards is already at the point where a 128Gb card is insufficient. I have to use 256Gb cards, and can easily see them having to be replaced with 512Gb cards. So these phones only coming in 64Gb and 128Gb variants, and not supporting microSD, is not going to do the job from the outset. I have good quality wired headphones, so for me, any phone I consider, having a 3.5mm headphone socket is a must. No ifs. No buts. No maybes. Since the… Read more »


Jenny it is because you are constantly negative. All you need to say is something like you wish they had more storage and a headphone jack and it would suit you. Headphone jacks are finished. only low end cheap phones will have them for a while to come. So a pixel isn’t right for you, well it isn’t right for me either. How about you say it in a more positive way and maybe even suggest an alternative that does suit because there are others who would like the same features you do. It is about how you come across… Read more »


I’ll wait for the Pixel 4a.


Its definitely something I’ll be keeping an eye on.


No. Wouldn’t even consider it.

Jacob Brown

$100 under those prices would look doable. OnePlus looking good at this stage. Finally moving from my 6p…


Lowest model at $1000 to highest model at $1200. Anything more and its just greed.

Google knows they only last 3 years which is why they only provide updates for that time. If they extended support to 5 years then it is deserving of say another $100.

No comments in the other news article, but I would also expect Google to innovate enough to allow us to completely disable the assistant as well.

Quentin Wright

Oneplus 7t is looking good!

Jacob Brown

Totally agree!