As a child of the 80s I still find it somewhat sad that we need to be so security conscious around our home and of our property. D-Link are one of the companies riding that wave and making a strong entry into the home security market. Today they have announced several home security kits to get you online and monitoring your home from anywhere.

The headline of the announcement is the DCS-2804KT OMNA Wire-Free Indoor/Outdoor Camera Kit 4-Pack valued at $1299.95 and the DCS-2803KT 3-Pack kit that costs $1099.95

The hardware sits exactly where you’d expect from a company like D-Link, it meets the market expectations and then takes a step forward.

The cameras have a 135 degree field of view and record at 24fps. PIR sensors give you real-time notifications to your mobile devices of movement under any of the cameras via the mydlink app and view exactly what’s going on remotely.

The IR capacity of the cameras will give you up to 7.5 meters of vision, even in complete darkness. While this is what’s on paper, my experience suggests that companies will under-promise in this area so you can reasonably expect to see more than the “on paper” specs suggest. The cameras all feature IP65 weatherproof body so you can set them up anywhere you want to, even somewhere completely exposed to the weather.

The app to setup and control devices has a full feature set:

The Omna Wire-Free Surveillance Kits also come with the free mydlink™ mobile app to install the devices, control your cameras, set up schedules or event triggers, view live or saved video footage in Full High Definition video, and be alerted to all your notifications – so you can feel at ease whenever you’re away from home.

Both kits include a free 12 month subscription to the premium cloud recording option which is worth USD$49.99 and gives you up to 5 cameras and 14 days of mydlink storage for your camera recordings.

The DCS-2800LH Omna Wire-Free Wi-Fi Battery Camera add-on unit will set you back $349.95, but is significantly cheaper than adding a new kit into the frey.

D-Link have been smart with their integration, offering Google Assistant, Alexa and even IFTTT for users who don’t have (or want) a Smart Assistant in their home.

The hardware is available now from the D-Link Website and we’ll be looking to check them out in the near future for a hands on evaluation.