In case you missed it over the last few months the Google Pixel 4 has been leaked and revealed and torn apart like never before thanks to some late prototypes making their way from the factory floor to retailers in Vietnam. As such we have already seen the new Camera UI that Google plan to bring to the Pixel 4. The good news is that it is not exclusively for the Pixel 4 and all Pixel owners can enjoy it now.

Google is currently rolling out version 7.1 of the Google Camera app (v7.0 appeared in the leaked Pixel 4 devices) bringing with it a host of new changes. The slow rollout is most likely to test the waters before the Pixel 4 hits shelves and reviewers hands next week.

Version 7.1 of the Camera app brings with it a new UI and social sharing. Social sharing is a feature that allows you to directly and quickly share a photo to the social or messaging app of your choice. To do so preview the image you just took and then swipe up on it and select one of the apps from the options that appear.

Along with these already known changes is a new setting called Framing Hints. When toggled on the photo app will give you recommendations and hints on how to create a better angle for the photo. As part of this new feature there will also be a level indicator that lets you know if your photo is off angle and how to adjust it to make it straight.

At this stage it is unclear if this will be based on shadows or help you not have the sun behind you etc in photos but all will be revealed next week, if not before. We assume it is performed using the built in AI/ML component of the app.

At this stage we have not received it on any of our Pixel devices but it is rolling out very slowly apparently. If you simply cannot wait and want to try it out for yourself go and grab it from APK Mirror and let us know what you think of the new UI.

Google Camera
Google Camera
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Source 2: Android Police.