With Google about to take the wraps off its 2019 hardware line up, those of us who like to get up in the middle of the night to watch the events unfold live are faced with the same old issues – one, what time is the event on where I live, and two, where do I find it once I get up?

Well, we want to make both of those details easy to find, so click the Google Calendar link below and you’ll be able to drop the event in your Calendar using your timezone. It’s that easy.

Hit this link to add it to your

In case that doesn’t work for you, here’s the details.

Made by Google Event: Tuesday 15 October 10:00 Eastern time (New York)

  • Greenwich Mean Time: Tuesday 15 October 1400
  • Australian Eastern Standard Time: Wednesday 16 October 00:00
  • Australian Eastern Daylight Time: Wednesday 16 October 01:00
  • Australian Central Standard Time: Tuesday 15 October 23:30
  • Australian Central Daylight Time: Wednesday 16 October 00:30
  • Australian Western Standard Time: Tuesday 15 October 22:00

As for where to find it, well it’s right here:

If you want the YouTube link to watch just hit the link here.

After the event head on back here and check out all of our live coverage and hands-on impressions later that day.

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    The last few years I would get so excited leading up to these events, waiting to see if all of the rumours would be true. But with the extent of leaks this year, I feel like there’s no point staying up to watch the event and instead I’ll just read the Ausdroid articles on Wednesday morning. I’d love to be proven wrong and surprised with something that they did keep under wraps, but I think that’s pretty unlikely…