We covered the Australian launch of all-digital mobile operator Circles.Life last month, and today they’ve extended their launch promotion offer – customers signing up by October 22 2019 can get four months mobile service on the Optus 4G network for free.

Some things to be aware of:

  • To access the four months free trial you have to use the code 4MONTHSOFF, and you must activate your SIM card by 30 November 2019 to take advantage of this promotion.
  • Circles.Life may perform a credit check using your supplied personal information to make sure that you’re going to be a reliable paying customer once the 4 month promotion period runs out.
  • Instead of starting your membership month on the day that you sign up, all customers of Circles.Life have their accounts operating on a calendar month basis.

Pricing and Data Packs

If you stay with Circles.Life after the four months free trial period, you will be charged at their regular rate of $28/month for unlimited national calls & txts and 20GB of data.

Built-in 3GB of bill shock data overuse is included for free making your monthly data limit effectively 23GB before you have to pay overage fees of $0.01/MB – far more reasonable than the $10/GB commonly offered by other telcos.

If you do run out of data, you can also buy an extra 20GB for $10, pro rata (depending on how many days of the month are left) – that’s a recurring cost though, and will go onto the following month’s bill unless cancelled. Another option is to buy a one-off 3 GB data boost for $6 (non recurring cost).

Have you already tried Circles.Life? Tell us about your experience in the comments.