Look, we’re sorry. We’re really sorry. We know it’s been leak central for Pixel news for the last few months, yet here we are mere hours before the official launch with yet another post about the Pixel 4. Sorry.

We’ve seen leaks from online retailers across the Internet, but now it looks like we’ve got a local leak from a Telstra dealer in Victoria, sneaking out their preorder poster a day early (hey, they probably heard the “Tuesday” date and didn’t realise it meant Tuesday in the USA).

The URL referenced in the poster is tel.st/pixel4 which resolves to www.telstra.com.au/mobile-phones/mobiles-on-a-plan/google/google-pixel4, a page Telstra’s website claims is not found yet tells an interesting tale from its URL structure.

So, we can see that Telstra will indeed be offering the Pixel 4 (not an earth-shattering revelation) — and we would assume this also applies to the Pixel 4 XL as well.

The Nest Hub (formerly the Google Home Hub – check our review here) is a neat pre-order bonus, and its also notable that it’s a long-term offer (until January) while most pre-order offers end when a phone goes on sale. It’ll be interesting to see if any other offers come from other carriers tomorrow.

Thanks to Dan for the tip!

Source: @arathkone (Twitter).
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Pixel dude

Nest Hub Max would be better! UK are getting a Chromebook.