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The Moto G8 Plus is coming and it looks great


Motorola’s G-series phones have been well-regarded in the midrange space for some time, and as time goes on they’re moving the range squarely into the upper midrange. Today, a leak posted at WinFuture shows a Moto G8 Plus in the offing with a rear-facing triple camera and powered by a Snapdragon 665 with a beefy battery.

Despite the headline specs, the G8 Plus seems otherwise standard for its price point. On offer is dual-SIM, USB-C charging, a 3.5mm headphone jack. It’s a 6.3-inch device that runs 2280 x 1080 resolution and has a notch.

It’s unclear if the storage options will be available in all markets, or if your market will dictate which model is available to you. Regardless of model, the G8 Plus is said to offer users 4GB RAM which is very much the entry point for current phones.

The camera breakdown is a point of interest, with a 48MP main camera, a wide angle camera with a 16MP sensor and a 5MP depth sensor. Those cameras should give a lot of creative options for your photography, and it’s a very welcome upgrade over the camera on the G7 Plus.

According to the article:

the new Motorola Moto G8 Plus will be presented at an event in Brazil on October 24, 2019, but will soon be launched in Europe as well. Prices are not available yet.

This is an interesting timeline given the G7 range only came to market earlier this year. Perhaps they’ve had enough success and are hoping to cash in on the Christmas rush.

Are you excited for the new G8 series? Tell us in the comments.

Source: WinFuture.


  1. Doubt the Motorola G8 plus will be that much better, the Motorola G8 plus will not have mobile network 5G, and the camera will be the same /slightly worse then the G7 plus

    Motorola G9 series will be the one to watch in 2021

    • I would buy the G7 Plus to tied me over once the G8 is released to get the price decrease not much the G8 offers not happy with the chipset will have to wait and see about Power/Battery life but I do not like the iPhone 7 & 8 look while more Android markets are now going to a Moto Circle look (1+ 7T, Huawei mate 30 pro, Nokia 7.2 and 6.2) which looks much better then a side mounted oval lens but that is still better then a side mounted square (stovetop!) that then has the lens sick of of the camera square anyways fricking Apple! How is that slick or stylish?!

      No point in getting 5G when it will not fully roll out for at least 3 years and be another 2 to 3 before it is reliable enough to replace 4G as the default, Verizon in the US going for the lower end of the 5G spectrum is the right call it won’t be nearly as fast as AT&T’s or Sprints but will have a longer range without need for repeaters or being blocked by walls or people as easily but I do not think it will fully replace 4G sure to 4G’s much better range and reliability but 3G food not have that much better range then 4G but has superior penetrating power to 4G so we will have 3G for at least another decade and 4G for at least 20 years more!

  2. It’s definitely something to look into. I’ve always been Samsung but maybe this time I will go Moto. It just all depends on the specs of the phone.

    • My parents and my self have moved away from Samsung they have the Moto G5s Plus and 2 years later still have full speed, great battery life, decent enough cameras and get security updates quick and the best stock Android is smooth the few things Motorola bolts on like shrink to fit, rolling screenshots and Moto/Peek Display are just gravy on top!

      I had the Galaxy S3, S5 and S8 plus while I love them they’ve had a lot of software issues over the years and I have noticed if we have free storage space on the phone itself not the SD card that the phone just get slow with time even with newer Android OS updates not to mention the disconnect from Chromecast regardless of the app but especially bad on Netflix I didn’t have this issue with my Nokia or my parents Motorola’sI am a huge Motorola fan I’m just waiting for the one zoom to be released in Australia but I’m beginning to think nearly 2 months later it’s not coming!

    • That seems to be the case otherwise no need for it to be so sunken compared to the back panel that is done to avoid damaging the sensor even placed on a surface with no case a lot of flagship phones used Topaz or similar gems artificially made for rear scanner’s to increase scratch resistance cheaper devices used glass to keep cost down but had to recess the scanner to make scratching harder as well as reduce the risk of it shattering if the back broke when dropped so it still be used!!!

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