The NSW Government has launched a new app called Park’nPay, giving motorists a simple way to pay for parking spaces even if parking meters aren’t working or they’ve no coins or cards to feed them.

Park’nPay is now operating at sites around The Rocks, Liverpool and parts of Darling Harbour and Pyrmont where motorists can use it to pay for parking instead of using the physical meter. Parramatta’s CBD area is said to becoming online soon.

The app will notify you if your meter is running low (and you can top it up from the app), and if your parking space is about to turn into a no-stopping-zone, helping avoid a fine.

You can get the Park’nPay app now on Google Play and something called the App Store 🤷‍♂️, and users can get up and running within minutes. Payments are taken with Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Price: To be announced
Source: Yahoo News.