With the Samsung fold mostly being a disappointment, the Huawei Mate X likely delayed due to USA trade restrictions, all of our foldable phone hopes, and a decent dose of nostalgia have fallen upon the rumoured refresh to the Motorola Razr phone. According to several outlets Motorola has now sent out invites to a press event on the 15 November 2019 in Los Angles.

We have to admit the Razr foldable has us a little excited, not only is it a novel form factor, it’s using a foldable display to make the overall device less intrusive instead of comically larger. Now there’s a long way between nostalgic excitement and a decent product that passes even the basic rigours of usage, but we want to believe.

The invite doesn’t give a lot away but the above invite came with the title “You’re going to flip”. Motorola has seemingly kept the leaks about the new device well under control, and I hope it stays that way — although we did see one suspected render leak out. There’s something genuinely exciting about a product reveal that hasn’t been tirelessly leaked for weeks or months.

Current rumours point towards a 6.2″ device running on a Snapdragon 710 processor paired with 4GB or 6G of RAM and 64GB or 128GB of internal storage powered by a 2,730 mAh battery. It’s unclear if a device like this would ever make its way to Australia but we sure hope it does.

Source: CNET.
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Paul Warner

An interesting phone but I seem to remember reading that the US release pricing is about US$1500. At that price I think it will be DOA.