Arlo released an audio doorbell that could pair with one of their cameras recently but did not have an all-in-one video doorbell solution until now.

The Arlo Video Doorbell differs from many video doorbells in that it offers a vertical field of view, allowing you to get a larger picture of your doorstep — top to toe in HD. The vertical field of view allows a 180 degree diagonal field of view so you can see someone’s head as well as the package at their feet (if they are dropping off a package).

When a visitor presses the doorbell it sends the video stream straight to your phone just like a standard video call. There are no more hunting through notifications and going into the app but a straight video stream. If you want to zoom in on the subject in the video you can easily do that too. It can also ring or chime on any mechanical or digital chime.

You can also pre-record messages to quickly reply to anyone who arrives at your doorstep, view it at night with their night vision and in the day in full HDR brightness.

Of course a doorbell would be no good if it couldn’t handle the elements and thus the Arlo Video Doorbell is built to withstand heat, cold, rain or sun. Worried about someone stealing it off your wall? Don’t be, it will emit a piercing siren if anyone attempts to remove it from the wall.

This time Arlo have gone with a mains powered doorbell and as such should be installed by a qualified professional but that also means never having to change the battery at any time. There is of course also the option to purchase an Arlo Smart subscription for cloud storage of your Video Doorbell.

Where can you get one of these? Nowhere in Australia just yet with confirmation of prices and availability forthcoming in the not so distant future. The US pricing is just $150 which would hopefully see it priced at an affordable level here in Australia. Keep an eye our for these coming soon to you local stores.

Source: Arlo.
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why are all those good stuff have subscription attached to it, its so annoy im trying to get the arlo camera for my new house but it threw me off due to subscription and now this doorbell im sitting on the fence about it

Michael Hughes

A 180 degree viewing angle would mean you would be able to see the door top and bottom (or at least the eaves and door step). Based on the photograph above it might be a diagonal field of view instead.


As soon as I see the word subscription I scroll on. Memory cards still exist as does live streaming. I won’t buy anything from a company that wants to screw me monthly just because they can.


No Battery no deal for those of us with front gates. Still stuck with Ring for now.

Chart Parker

The issue is that US doorbells work on a circuit between 16-24VAC, whereas Australia is typically only 8VAC. The Arlo Audio doorbell works here because it doesn’t get power from the doorbell circuit (if the battery goes dead you have no doorbell), and rather only closes the circuit to trigger the chime. That was the biggest reason for me not going to a Nest doorbell, but hopefully Arlo have a localised version that works with the voltages here without needing a new transformer etc.


I have the Arlo Doorbell and Chime, which is paired with a camera pointed at the door. I find that, for some reason, the devices don’t always operate as expected.

Any idea if this new Video Doorbell will work with the existing Arlo wireless Chime?