Last year Google did something unthinkable and made the fast wireless charging on the Pixel 3 proprietary — that is, they allowed it to fast charge only on chargers that they certified. This year though it is different, obviously listening to the feedback from their decision last year.

XDA editor Mishaal Rahman found on the Wireless Power Consortium a new listing for the Pixel 4 varieties on their website showing that they offer charging of up to 11W. The Pixel 3 on the other hand is only listed at 5W.

Obviously this is a big change and we wonder why Google has not highlighted this before now. The support has been confirmed by another tech journo on Twitter who tested it on his non-Google ‘supported’ wireless charger.

If you have read our review of the Pixel 4 and think you are going to head out and grab one you can now also grab a wireless charger that supports 10W charging from virtually anywhere without having to pay the exorbitant prices of the previously “supported” wireless chargers.

With the main downside of the Pixel 4 being its less than average battery life you can now scatter these wireless chargers all over the place and not have to worry about battery life ever again.

Source: WPC.
Via: Mishaal Rahman.
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Phillip Malone

The headline is okay but I have to admit, and this is probably me, I read this as the Pixel 4 supporting fast wireless charging as long as you didn’t have a Pixel stand. Won’t lie that this scared me a little as I bought a Pixel stand for work! 😉 Happy that I miss read the headline in that way.