+ Friday December 13th, 2019

In a fun move Google are sending out 2000 Pixel 4 phone pre-orders in cereal boxes — early. With the phone not expected in stores or hands until tomorrow these users are not only getting their hands on the devices first but also getting a fun memento to go with it.

To give users a real “new toy” experience the box comes as a colourful box of cereal with the phone inside, and some cereal.

The Twittersphere and Internet is now awash with many people having received their cereal boxes and unboxed them. The box shows off some of the Pixel 4’s features including Google Assistant, quick gestures and the “brilliant camera”.

The promotion is apparently a Google UK promotion so do not expect your Pixel 4 pre-order to arrive with one of these boxes and with just 2000 available it is fair to say all the lucky users have received them by now.

Who here has pre-ordered their Pixel 4? Will you be grabbing one after seeing the reviews?

Source: Android Police.

Scott Plowman   Editor


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Mark Smith
Ausdroid Reader

I’ve got my tracking number but that’s it so far.

Phillip “Molly” Malone
Ausdroid Reader

Good news! Mine hasn’t updated yet. Stand I bought at the same time arrived day after shipped. Hoping same with phone!

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