There’s some interesting functions being added to Google services and so far, I really like them.

The latest functions enable quick creation of certain content items, through use of the new “.new” domain name. To make it work, there’s a bit of a catch – you are required to be logged into your Google account on that PC. But let’s face it, most of us are in our browsers so it’s not a huge issue.

So, what .new things can you create? The first option is new calendar entries, which you can create at : will add a new Keep note:

or which will create a new Google Doc for you:

It would seem the speed and convenience of adding items quickly is the current flavour from the team at Google. If you guys are reading this and looking for suggestions: I’d love and to be next please!

What functions would you like to have quick access to through the .new function?

Source: Google Docs Twitter.
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Grayson Smith

Interesting website!


I’ve used this a bit for sheets and docs. Didn’t realise there was or but I will probably use those now too.