Another step forward for YouTube Music, another nail in the coffin of Google Play Music. Now iOS 13 has made its way to market, Siri can trigger YouTube Music and that’s a bigger deal than most people realise on the surface.

Let’s start with the obvious: iFans can now enjoy YouTube Music hands free via Wireless Headphones, at home or in the car using Car Play.

It’s also potentially a gamer changer for families who have a mixed mobile platform and may well be using multiple music streaming services. Now you can use Google Play Music as your family account based and know that everyone can get the potential out of the platform.

The other item of note – suggesting that YouTube Music’s coming of age is near – is the launch of a desktop app (Progressive Web App to be exact) which you’ll be prompted to install from Chrome via the web interface.

The web app gives immediate access to media controls (using your laptop or PCs media control buttons), playlist and deliver an experience that matches the web interface many users are already familiar and very comfortable with.

We’re yet to be told the day that Google Play Music will see it’s final sunset, but the growing momentum of YouTube Music suggests it’s not far away.

Source: 9 to 5 Google.
Source 2: Engadget.
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Gary Bath

Does the web app support chromecast audio to speakers?
I’ve tried using Chrome to cast audio to various speakers and there is a lot of lag therefore I always use Google Play Music site which casts perfectly.