Oh boy… I am so close to giving in and shifting from Google Play Music over to YouTube Music, and with the increasing frequency of new features and updates, it’s getting harder and harder.

Today’s update brings a feature I’ve really been waiting for, and I only found out when a reader gave me a heads up:

Yes, finally!

A widget for YouTube Music – this is one of the final pieces of the puzzle so many users have been looking for to move over. The others we get regular feedback on are:

  • Moving personal library content that has been uploaded to Google Play Music
  • Playlists need to be migrated
  • Better integration with Android Auto

We’ve been seeing a clear and strengthening focus on YouTube Music recently, the time is coming for migration. Will you be at the front of that pack, or waiting for further functions?

Thanks: Phil.
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Err.. I use YouTube music with Android Auto almost every day. It works great!

Phill Edwards

I definitely need Android Auto. The whole reason I installed an Android Auto head unit in my car was to get music from my phone.

Jason Forsyth

That screen shot hurts my head lol