+ Saturday November 23rd, 2019

Nvidia released its latest model Shield TV yesterday and there is good news if you own an older Shield TV, with the new remote able to work on older models in the future according to Nvidia.

The updated remote, which ships with Shield TV (2019) and Shield TV, is slightly more thicker in size, has more physical buttons and runs on AAA batteries.

The D Pad is still front in centre but just underneath it you’ll find new buttons for volume, play/pause, fast forward, rewind, Google Assistant, along with a dedicated Netflix button.

Nvidia have stated that a future update will enable the new remote to work with 2015 and 2017 versions of Shield TV, which will be available very shortly, although no time frame has been provided for this to occur.

The new remote is available as a standalone product and available to purchase for AUD $89.

Source: 9to5 Google.

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They finally have proper volume buttons, awesome! Much better than that volume slider they had in the previous remote. I do question having so many buttons in the new remote,the D-pad makes them obsolete.

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