+ Friday November 22nd, 2019

Amazon Australia has announced today that they will be opening a fulfilment centre on the Western Cost of Australia, allowing the online retail behemoth to better serve Australia’s western denizens. The new logistics operations will be centres in the Perth Airport Business Precinct.

The Perth facility is the third centre opened in Australia since Amazon started domestic operations in Australia, with Melbourne and Sydney fulfilment centres already in operation since 2017 and 2018 respectively.

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Since launching in Australia in December 2017 Amazon now stocks 125 million products through both local and international fulfilment. Australia has also joined the Prime family with shipping bonuses along with Amazon services being included in their monthly subscription.

Source: Amazon.

Duncan Jaffrey   Associate

Duncan Jaffrey

Duncan has been interested in technology since coding "Mary had a little Lamb" in Basic on his ZX Spectrum. A fan of all things Android, most days you'll find Duncan trawling the web for Android news or quietly editing away on Map Maker.

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Phill Edwards
Phill Edwards

125 million products? Really? Surely you mean they have 125 million items in inventory, not 125 million different products?

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