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Straight up, this isn’t a technology story, but if you’re a gin drinker, you may be interested to try out a colour-changing gin which is on sale at ALDI this week. Dubbed McQueen Forest Fruits, this is a Scottish craft gin infused – as are most gins – with hand-selected botanicals.

That’s not really the most exciting bit though. It’s also made with the petals of the Butterfly Pea flower, which causes the colour of the gin to change when the pH changes. Why’s that matter? Add some tonic water or a squeeze of lemon (or your choice of citrus), and the gin changes from blue to pink.

While I’ve not tried this gin – until tonight, at least, when I’ll go buy some – anything that’s made with Butterfly Pea flower is a solid win from me; a popular drink in Thailand (and elsewhere in south east Asia) is Butterfly Pea tea, and it’s incredibly refreshing after a long day out in the sub tropical heat.

ALDI’s McQueen colour-changing gin is on sale this week for $49.99 for a 700ml bottle in NSW, VIC, ACT and WA. ALDI can’t sell liquor in QLD and SA, so if you’re stuck there, unfortunately you’re missing out.

Tune in tomorrow for a hands-on review!


Chris is our resident gin-drinker, and between he and Duncan, they polished off a bottle in a single sitting at Computex earlier this year. Much shame ensued.

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Where is this review you speak of

Joshua Hill

Dobson’s distillery from Kentucky NSW had one of these about a year ago. Using sweet pea, not sure if that’s just a different name for butterfly pea. If you like your gin and haven’t heard of Dobson’s do yourself a favour and have a look. Not priced as well as ALDI but one of the best gin makers in the world if you ask me 🙂




Thanks for the heads up, Chris!