+ Thursday November 21st, 2019

Spotify seems set to follow (in part at least) in the footsteps of the Google Play Music platform on smart displays, rolling out function to display song lyrics and the stories behind the songs.

The heads up came from Ausdroid reader Jason, so I went hunting. Tumbling down the rabbit hole, it appears that there are very limited users who have access at this time.

I did find a report on Reddit from a couple of weeks ago. Android Police reported the same feature appearing on one of their writers’ devices overnight, so it is expanding.

According to the Android Police article, Spotify users need to be aware there appears to be a few variables:

If you want to try it, make sure your Smart Display is set to play music by itself and not as part of a group. Spotify has a different UI when casting to a group of speakers, and that one doesn’t have lyrics yet.

Personally I like knowing the stories behind the songs and my daughter loves the lyrics so she can sing along and entertain the whole street.

Regardless of your reasoning to check it out, this is another shot fired in the streaming music war that Spotify has been the near undisputed champion of for years.

Source: Reddit.
Source 2: Android Police.

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