Way back in September 2018, we found out that Pocket Weather was living on borrowed time. Being an app from the team at Shifty Jelly, we were pretty fond of it but now need to find other options. The promised 12 months of continued functionality is over and soon Pocket Weather will be switched off for good.

Users of the popular weather app have seen a notice in the app from the team that finally, there will be an end to service on December 31 of this year. This is due to cost of data and servers being prohibitive for continued service.

It’s a sad day for Pocket Weather users who (like me) have been ignoring the approaching end of life but much like when Google ended Inbox, life will go on. Now comes the difficult decision on which one of the available weather apps I’m going to use moving forward.

Thanks: Jo.
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Jeni Skunk

Today, a thread for Aus Weather Australia was started on Whirlpool, and the app dev posted in it to say he no longer has an Android device and that he has shifted his app dev focus to iObjects. So Aus Weather Australia as a replacement for PocketWeather is not really viable since any bugs found are very unlikely to be properly fixed. The app dev’s posts in the thread: “Hi everyone, thanks for the feedback, keep it coming. Just reiterating what I said in the previous thread, I have since moved onto iPhone (thus the lack of updates), but am… Read more »


does no-one just use Google Weather?

Chris Rowland

I actually do


I find that YR is often more accurate that BoM

Phill Edwards

Me too. Yr is pretty good.


I switched to Aus Weather last year when the news of pocket weather was shutting down was annouced. Has access to the BoM radars and the user interface is pretty clean and minimal. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.benjanic.ausweather


I wish they could open source it or something so that we could possibly run a small instance for personal usage (or someone could step up and host it for everyone). Really was a well designed nice looking app that did just the right amount of stuff.


I feel your pain! Nothing else seems to come close – especially where Widgets with BOM-sourced data is concerned!


“Aus Weather” does the job!

Colin Chick

I feel your pain! Nothing else seems to come close – especially where Widgets with BOM-sourced data is concerned!


The replacements which use BOM data are ok, but nowhere near as well presented as pocket weather.


I have been using Pocket Weather since the early days of it’s life. I have always liked the rich features and functionality and information it brings. Each morning the PW widget was the first thing that I saw when opening my phone’s home page. Now I too will have to start looking for a replacement