Some manufacturers have been trying so hard to convince the market that their infotainment systems are superior to that which Google and Apple can provide. Unfortunately once you have used either, especially Android Auto, users do not agree — and the market says so.

By offering Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility in our vehicles, we are continuing to refine our market offerings and provide our customers with the products and services that enhance their livesSean Hanley, VP at Toyota Australia

Toyota are one of the last bastions of the old school clunky solutions and have finally seen the light with an announcement this week that Android Auto (and Apple Car Play) will come fitted standard on several of their new models on sale. Those models include the current Prius, Corolla hatch, Camry and Granvia models. It will also arrive on the upcoming Corolla sedan and C-HR models.

All is not lost for those who own older Toyota models with a retrofit program for those who own a previous generation Prius, Camry or Corolla hatch. For just $199 the exact same tech as in the new models can be fitted to their cars.

In another nice gesture Toyota have said that all owners of current-model HiAce and RAV4 cars can have their infotainment system upgraded (yes it is definitely an upgrade) FREE of charge.

The technology will allow our customers to stay informed, entertained and in touch with the wider world from behind the wheel, directly through the vehicles’ upgraded multimedia systems.Sean Hanley, VP at Toyota Australia

There are not many holdouts left in the automobile industry — yes I’m looking at you Porsche but I’m happy to accept a review model anytime you want — and hopefully before too long it will not be something we have to look closely at when deciding which car to purchase: although next it will be which manufacturers / models have wireless Android Auto. The cycle continues.

Source: Car Sales.
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Noticed there are no articles or information of which year models of their cars are supported. I’d really like to know this, my wife has a 2016 Camry – the head unit looks the same as a 2018, but no idea if it will work.

Well that is great to hear,once you use android auto, buying another car becomes a must for it to have it.

I avoided the need for a new car by installing an Android Auto head unit in my existing car!