In a sure sign that it’s being sold in a stock clear-out, the Amazon Echo Spot is now available for $49 at Officeworks and The Good Guys.

The Amazon Echo Spot is a small round smart display and speaker which can do anything all the other more expensive much larger Alexa smart displays can do including:

  • Bedside or desk clock
  • Listen to streaming radio or music
  • Control smart home devices and lights etcetera by voice or touch-screen
  • Make and receive audio and video calls
  • View security camera footage or use the Echo Spot a camera e.g. to monitor a pet while you’re at work.

The Amazon Echo spot is currently on sale at The Good Guys and Officeworks for $49. Stock is limited so if you really want it try and buy it from a bricks and mortar store rather than online where your order could be cancelled due to lack of stock.

Source: Ozbargain.