If you’re a little travel mad, or perhaps you’ve just got some family holidays planned coming into the festive season, it’s a good time to check whether you’ve got the technology you need to take with you.

There are some tech travel essentials which I won’t leave home without, including noise-cancelling headphones, a travel power adaptor so I can charge all my gear, and a powerbank for when out and about exploring a foreign city.

The good news is this weekend – 9 November – all of this gear and more is available from ALDI Special Buys, and you can grab a bargain for yourself before your trip without breaking the bank.


Up first is a Universal Travel Adaptor for $19.99 which gives you two power sockets, four USB points and five different plug types for use in as many as 150 countries around the world. The main regions are covered, with adaptors for use in much of Europe, the UK and Hong Kong, the US and Japan. A quick look suggests that you’ll have everything you need here, including for tricky, less common power points found in places like Switzerland.

There’s a 90cm power cord in the kit too, so you’re not limited to keeping all your gear near (what could be) an inconveniently placed power point.


What about the journey there? Do you want to hear the dull roar of jet engines, obnoxious fellow passengers and crying babies? Let’s face it, no one does. These are facts of travel, and every flight will have noises you don’t want to hear, and fortunately most of them can be blocked out fairly effectively.

Noise cancelling headphones are a great way to do this, and with a 15 hour rechargeable battery, these over-the-ear headphones from Bauhn will do the trick for $69.99.

Using Bluetooth, so you don’t need to worry about cables getting caught on things, these headphones will drown out the dull roar of the jets, and reduce the noises of your fellow passengers to a more manageable – and enjoyable – level.


Your kids can get in on the action too with noise-limiting headphones in a range of fun colours for $14.99. While they’re not active noise cancelling headphones, they’re sized and coloured for kids to enjoy, and will help them enjoy their multimedia content without as much background noise sneaking in.

Other inclusions in this week’s special buys include:

Check out the rest of the items online, including a range of luggage too.